Churches Must Not Repeat the Same Mistake Made in WWII

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Yesterday a post was made about the importance of resisting the evil Great Reset and it was mentioned.

Today’s post continues along that them.  The speaker is from Germany and interesting history is given, but if you want to get the point in the video relevant to this post, scroll to 10:58 in the video

While she is talking about the Catholic Church in Nazi Germany, the Protestant Church made the same error.  They went along to get along until it was too late.

Two notably, and there were probably others, but two, Lutheran Pastor Niemoller and Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer resisted.  But many did not and we know the outcome.

This is what Pastor Niemoller said (click here).   Definitions of words may have changed since then, but the point is made.

The point she is making in the video is valid for today.  We have a different authoritariasm taking over, a medical tyranny which is part of the Great Reset.  Review the post from yesterday for more information and background.

One point that must be repeated is that the Bible has commandments, statutes, laws, decrees and precepts.  These cover the totality of life from the national level to the personal level.

We cannot substitute that which applies neighbor to neighbor to the national level.  The national level exists to defeat satanic doctrines when they have gotten to the level of taking over a government.  If all force was bad, when the military, in order to repent, asked John the Baptist, “What should we do?”,  he would have told them to leave the military if it was bad.  He did not.  (Go read it in the Bible).

One of the people Jesus commended was the Roman Centurion.  Jesus said he had not found so great a faith, no not in Israel, because the Centurion, who was a Roman soldier, understood faith; the Roman Centurion  understood who Jesus was more than some religious leaders of the day.  Jesus could have told the Centurion, at that time, to quit his job, but Jesus did not.

If all judgment on evil,  national and international and supranational evil, evil which is the transgression against the Ten Commandments and against God’s laws on a national, international, and supranational level, which judgment has been codified against evil in various ways (inasmuch as nations have been able to perceive how to codify law against it and have been strong enough morally to codify law against it) by creating international laws (such as the Nuremberg Code), if such evil is not dealt with at a national, international and supranational level by checks and balances and treaties and codes resisting it, which have emerged over the years as nations which have been influenced by what is called the Judeo-Christian ethic, if evil is not checked, it will take over the world because truly evil dictators are inspired by satan.  You cannot read the Bible and come to any other conclusion.

Once God has  used evil nations for his purposes, usually to chastise his children for their apostasy, then He begins to deal with those same evil nations.  Read the Bible and see if this is not true.  Read it from cover to cover.

If there is no reason or time in history to enact judgment against those who murder people groups and children, then why did the Allies rise up against Hitler in WW II?  Why not let murderous dictatorships take over the world if you think that is what Christianity is?  But it is not.   And there should be a lot more preaching and scriptural voices speaking out these things to instruct people.

What you don’t resist will overcome you.  At a simple level of comprehension, just stand in front of a bakery filled with goodies and tell me that is not true.  Likewise, we need to resist evil doctrines in government and in our schools and in our workplaces.

The manipulation of the mind today is so great, and the brainwashing of the mind is so great, that these discussions are not front and center as they should be.  There is definitely great evil in the world right now and overcoming it should definitely be of interest to all thinking and diligent people.

In today’s world, though, once a person has listened to the propaganda, they are then presented with some entertainment to “wash it down” and so never really have to confront the issues of the day that they are living with.  But if these issues are not confronted by the church and by people of good will, then the evil rulers will one day confront everyone at the doors of their homes, places of business, and churches.

Jesus said, If you save your life, you will lose it.

What keeps church members from being engaged?  Having thought a fair amount about this and also studied history, I’ll put out some of my conclusions.  But really, in a sense, it doesn’t matter as much as taking action according to the will of God for each individual.  Jesus said, Occupy till I come.  I don’t think He wants us to turn our nations over to globalist elites who seek to kill children, destroy economies, and bring in an atheistic dictatorship.  That’s my opinion.

But here are some reasons that I think are holding back churchs.

  1.  Churches have been infiltrated, some by freemasons, some by communists.  These people can get on church boards or move up in the ranks of the church and fight true  Christianity from within.
  2. Teaching that teaches “Jesus did it all” and ignores or downplays repentance and the outworking and growth in Christian teaching and virtue.  Jesus did do it all, He alone is the Saviour of the world, His Blood alone was shed for the redemption of mankind.  He purchased salvation for each of us individually.  We each to receive it individually as well as walk it out.  It is that old question of faith versus works.  Yes, we believe Jesus did it all and we need to be born again to have access to what Jesus did on the cross.  But there is a daily outworking, otherwise why would the New Testament talk about fighting the good fight of faith against the world, the flesh, and the devil?  And the Apostle Paul, who wrote much of the New Testament said that he didn’t want to preach to others and be cast away.   And he was a chief Apostle, a writer of much of the New Testament!   If it’s a “done deal” why are there so many scriptures about pressing into Christ?   There is a certain amount of preaching that leads to passivity and complacency.
  3. The false doctrine of the “separation of church and state”.  That letter to the Danbury Baptists was written so that the Baptists would have protection by the state so that they could worship freely.   They didn’t want to be under a state governmental church.  You have to go back in history and realize that while this country was created by people seeking religious freedom, they were also fleeing a state church at home.  They were fleeing a state church in England to establish freedom of religion in America.  Today the state church is headed by Fauci and some of the church rituals are masks and shots.  Before you get too hard on people in the past, look at society today.  There is no separation of church and politics.  Church members need to influence governments and local governments in all ways to bring in righteousness.  That goes all the way from voting for and supporting the most righteous candidates, showing up at school boards, to running for office if the Lord leads.
  4. A focus on the Second Coming of Christ to the ignoring of civic duties here.  Jesus said to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.  A lot of times that verse is used in the context of taxes.   But let’s turn that scripture around and look at it in another light.  Rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s also means we need to keep our Constitution operating and not let it be dismantled by a global dictatorship.  We need to function as good citizens.   We need to seek the Lord as to our involvement personally.  That may involve time.  That may involve money supporting either candidates or lawsuits.  And always, the Bible says to pray.   As was mentioned in the video, and also in the post yesterday, the United States has the greatest freedom (and is rapidly losing it).  If it is lost here, it is lost everywhere.  Cain asked…am I my brother’s keeper?  God was not pleased with that.  If we don’t care enough to save liberty here for the sake the world, to strengthen other nations in liberty, out of which all other rights flow, including religious liberties, do you think God will be pleased with us for “dropping the ball” or “dropping the baton” or “dropping the torch of liberty”?  Say it however you want, God expects things of people.  Read the Bible, it is evident.  We’re not to sit around and be a “slothful and wicked servant”.  We need to move out of that into faithfulness to whatever our call, which is different for all.  But it is fair to say that if the church were operating as it should, we probably wouldn’t have the problems we currently have.  God always lays the problems at the feet of the church.  II Chronicles 7:14  If my people, who are called by my name….Look it up.
  5. Infiltration from the world.   Mind control through TVs, phones, audio and video devices.  Propaganda media with no other option unless someone is diligent to find other sources of facts. Entertainment and distractions are all around.  Materialism is all around.  It is so easy to get involved in the thorns and thistles of the world to the ignoring of prayer.
  6. Because of the weakening of faith in the private life, there are repercussions in the public life.  God has standards that public officials should keep.  No bribery.  No abortion.  No perversion of justice.  People who are in office should be writing out the law of the Lord.  No corruption in public officials could be a blanket statement.  That requires the born again experience and sincere Christianity.  When a public official gets up and says that he can do in public life that which is forbidden by his private faith, that brings problems for the nation.  If abortion is forbidden by the faith and yet the politician backs it, it brings the whole nation under judgement.  As within, so without…those of faith must be consistent in their public office, to fulfill the statutes of faith, and if they did not run on those statutes, intending to keep those, they should not have run for office at all.  Let someone better take their place who will be stronger for righteousness and righteous government.
  7. This goes along with #6, but there are those who have failed to keep their oaths of office.  Those oaths of office are commitments by those voted into positions of authority, commiments to the people that the authority delegated by the people to the public officials will be properly used in the manner the people desired who voted them into office.  There is an oath that many take to defend “against all enemies foreign and domestic”.  That has not happened.
  8. Traitors.  Judases.  Jesus had them.  They exist today.




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