breaking through the shell

Breaking Through the Shell

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Dr. Robert Schuller, Sr., used to say, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

Around the world, people are tired of waiting for their leaders to solve problems.  Many leaders offer lies, reneging on promises, and corruption.

The expression, “banging your head against a wall” would fall into the same category as comments about red tape.  It simply means that nothing gets done.

A chick, when coming out of a shell, keeps pecking away at the shell and finally breaks through.

Collectively, humanity has been banging its head against the wall of ineptness and corruption of its leaders so long that things are beginning to break through.

Shifts are happening.  Basically, if the leaders won’t get it done, or don’t want to solve problems, or actually create problems because they want to remain in power, humanity has been beating against that so long that it is breaking through.  Rather than waiting for someone else to solve problems, individuals are rising up and are individually  and together doing what they can.  They are not waiting.

What’s your talent?

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