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Let’s Be Clear – Mammon Apparently Controls This Mall

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Satan doesn’t want Jesus competing for the souls of men… so no Jesus t-shirts allowed in the mall.

And this is in answer to those who wonder if Jesus is one of a “pantheon”.

No one cares if it is some other t-shirt.

Have you ever seen anyone asked to remove their t-shirt if it had another statement?

(The only exception would be voting areas where you cannot clearly identify your political favorite as a matter of voting regulations…but shopping malls and sports events generally leave you alone…except in this instance.)

Clearly mammon (satan) understands who is the real competition for souls.

There is a spiritual battle for souls so it is the t-shirt about Jesus that is noticed, not any other t-shirt.

Jesus said of himself….

Matthew 11:6   And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.


Man Wearing “Jesus Saves” Shirt Kicked Out of Mall of America in Minnesota (Video)

Candidates for removal.

This was what was next to Baby Jesus in the Illinois Capitol this past Christmas

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