Amish Farmer Case – Prayer Request

The discussion about the farmer starts at about 11:54 on the video below.

The whole video is valuable to watch if you can take the time to do it.

Robert Barnes Joins Infowars In-Studio for Powerful Interview on the Collapsing State of the Justice System


Here is a prior post on this topic.

Why is this important?  These cases are attempts by a radical element in society that wants to take more and more liberties, including freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

These things matter to all people.

You can pray for the Amish farmer and his legal case, if you wish.  You can donate to his legal expenses at GiveSendGo.

Most people who come to this blog probably have things they are already praying for:  family, friends, jobs, health, church needs and more.

It is important to also include some of these “bigger picture” prayer needs, even if you don’t know the people personally.  Or, donate to their legal expenses.  When they win a legal battle, it helps everyone at large remain free.

The importance of these types of cases is not magnified,  primarily because of the way news is spun and because of “gag” orders, spoken or unspoken.

If you want to preach the gospel, it is important that a society keep its religious and speech freedoms.

There is an important difference between today’s society and those of other centuries.  Western civilization worked itself up out of dictatorships to create a Constitution for this nation.  Earlier centuries did not have that luxury of the rule of law.  Woe to us if we are lax and let the rule of law and Constitution slip away due to slothfulness and greed.


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