Christmas Gift Ideas – Tip

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Instead of buying something, offer to do something for someone that they either can’t do themselves or don’t have time to get around to doing.

This is a wide open field of ideas.

Give a ‘coupon’ of what you will do as a gift inside of a Christmas card…a homemade Christmas card can be created if it is a child giving the gift.

Some age-specific or geographically-specific ideas are:

  • mowing the lawn
  • shoveling snow
  • cleaning a flower bed
  • preparing a flower or vegetable bed for planting in the spring
  • cleaning out and organizing a shed, closet, garage, work space
  • cleaning out and wiping down shelves, cabinets
  • reading with a child on a regular basis
  • teaching a skill, such as breadmaking, to someone
  • teaching grandparents a computer skill or phone skill they need to know
  • polishing a grandfather’s boots or shoes
  • catching up someone’s sewing repairs…sewing on buttons, hemming clothing, ironing
  • committing to taking out trash on a regular basis
  • give someone a ride to church

There are all sorts of one-time or year-round or monthly gift ideas, tailored to what you know would be useful in any given situation.

Sometimes, buying something is the easy way out of gift giving.

A  gift of time and service might be more useful and more appreciated.


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