Get Wisdom, Get Understanding

Proverbs 23:23 Buy the truth, and don’t sell it.
Get wisdom, discipline, and understanding.

Proverbs 4:5 Get wisdom.
Get understanding.
Don’t forget, and don’t deviate from the words of my mouth.
6 Don’t forsake her, and she will preserve you.
Love her, and she will keep you.

It is necessary to have understanding of the dangers of the vaccine. Below is a transcription from a video.

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They did it open air so they wouldn’t have an official count of the real dead which are pouring in now.  10 year olds, 13 year olds, 18 year olds, 16 year olds, football players, cricket players, dying, getting sick, rock-n-roll stars dying, getting sick, young people, old people, people collapsing, multiple members of the same cricket time collapsing after they were innoculated a few days before; having convulsions, people having convulsions at the innoculation centers, it goes on and on and on, all of it is at, Big Tech’s meeting of an emergency session, we have that article, to try to learn how to suppress us.  They are going to come out with new tools to shut you up so you can’t warn people so they can block real treatments, give you deadly shots and kill you.  They are eugenicists, they are greedy globalists….Remember you can never make a vaccine for the common cold because there are bunch of viruses that can cause it, corona being one, there are thousands of variants that are known and so you can’t make a vaccine…oh, we’ll make it for the protein of the corona virus.  And then we’ll create an artificial that has a particulary strong gain of function protein spike and it just so happens that type of protein is in the uterus, is in the heart, is in the lungs, is in the brain, is in the testicles, among other places, so…the body starts attacking itself amongst other things.  Then if you get a regular corona virus you get deathly ill from the vaccine you have taken or if you have been vaccinated and you come in contact with corona virus you get really sick or you’ve already had corona and then get the vaccine then you get really sick.  This is all confirmed mainline literature….  

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