Like a Prophet of Old

Dr. Zelenko here speaks out powerfully, like a prophet of old.  Listen here.

Prophets always spoke out powerfully against the evils in the societies of their day.

They spoke out and pointed out that the people and nation had left God and were serving false gods.

They spoke out when the people followed the pagan nations around them and sacrificed their children to false gods.

Support those who are trying to help you live, rather than kill you in a genocide.

Here is where you get buy Dr. Zelenko’s protocol.

Support Dr. Zelenko as he teaches you the truth.

Support infowars at as they tell you the truth.

Here is a link to support both.

It does matter how you spend your money.

Numbers 14:28   Tell them, ‘As I live, says Yahweh, surely as you have spoken in my ears, so I will do to you.

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