Louisiana, Listen Up

This is extremely troubling.

New Orleans School District Will Require COVID Jabs for Students Aged Five and Up

If you are not aware how toxic these jabs are, you should be.

If you want to contact Lousiana about this, here is contact information.

If you have not had access to the dangers of the jabs, here is one dad’s reaction after his son’s life was destroyed.


If you need more convincing there are over 500 articles here.  http://shineonhealth.com
If you say you don’t live in Louisiana, neither do I.
Do you know anyone who lives there?
Quote from the website:  We know vaccinations are the best tool we have against COVID-19.
This is a lie.   These are not true vaccines.  They are toxic experimental mRNA jabs.  A lot of information has come out.  This is only a small sampling.
If adults want to destroy their lives by being slothful, not paying attention, not learning, and just going with the flow for the benefit of political correctness…that’s their choice, but don’t touch the children!

Democrat Megadonor Tells Fox ‘Hundreds of Thousands of Americans Have Been Killed by’ COVID-19 Vaccines


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