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What is the Cause?

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Over the past 100 years, there have been many anointed ministers.  Why is the world in the state that it is in when there has been so much power of God and so many miracles manifested?  There is more knowledge of God than is currently being manifested.  What has blocked the flow of the anointing into society?  Here is a partial list of some possibilities.

  1.  The church was convinced that it should not be involved in politics.  It bought the lie of “separation of church and state.”  God never intended for morality, character, and the foundation of the Ten Commandments and teachings of Jesus to not influence culture … education, politics, health care, entertainment, commerce, banking and all the aspects of everyday life. Men of character should have been in those positions of leadership.  If they had been, then decisions would have been made with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  2.  The church dropped the ball in terms of insisting that God created the world and that God created man and woman.  Evolution is an impossibility.  It is ignorance of basic science that leads to deception on this point.  As an aside, this is a good reason to understand certain subjects, even if your daily occupation does not require them.  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)”  If all you want to know is “us four and no more” then you will miss out on things that will protect you and your culture from destruction.
  3. The division between churches.  Dating approximately to the 1970’s and prior, there were great moves of the Holy Spirit that infiltrated denominational churches.  For a while, barriers came down.  But there seems to be an insistence in saying “we are not them” and focusing on differences.  For example, when it comes to The Chosen, a movie directed by an evangelical, in which the actor playing Jesus is Catholic, there’s lots of bashing of the creative effort to bring the knowledge of Jesus, with a goal of reaching one billion souls.  Now granted, some of that bashing might be programmed AIs that go around and can comment against anything Christian.  But why is there such bashing and division for an effort that brings people to Christ?  “He that is not against us is on our part. (Mark 9:40)”  Another example is the fact that Archbishop Vigano of the Catholic church has called for a united effort against the globalists.  But the Protestants, evangelicals, and charismatics can’t acknowledge him because he’s Catholic, “not one of us,” so his call is rejected unless it comes from “our camp.”
  4. There is a focus on prophecy that may keep people from focusing on the here and now.  People focus on how soon Jesus is coming rather than focusing on what the body of Christ should be doing on the earth.  It’s a diversion that may make some people complacent and lazy as regards the work at hand.
  5. The permissiveness of the world invaded the church.  God calls the church to justice, not social justice.  Social justice involves targeting a certain group, calling it oppressed, and then using that marginalized group as a focal point to force the rest of society to change.    We’ve seen the target change over the years … women, blacks, transgenders.  The idea is “social justice.”  Justice, on the other hand, is equal for all.  We see we do not have justice when we see the disparate treatment of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” and President Trump.  The church got deceived as to what justice it is to follow.
  6. Along with the idea of justice is the mingling of the concepts of personal responsibility and reactions of forgiveness, and that of delegated authority and reactions of justice.  Jesus taught how to react to the minor problems of life.  Some takes  your parking place or seat at church.  Someone buts ahead in line at the grocery store.   Someone spills coffee on the table.  Go the second mile.  Forgive.  Turn the other cheek.  It is grace that will cover the thousand and one incoveniences that happen every day.  But when it gets to law, delegated authority, and matters on which society has settled as matters of law as to things that are evil, you don’t apply the personal law to matters of justice.  If a child is trafficked, if a teacher or doctor or government official wants to change the sex of your child without your knowledge, if communism and atheism is taught in the schools, if theft of private property is legalized, if government officials are known to have lied, cheated, stolen (including elections), if there are events contrary to the basics of western civilization built on the basics of the Ten Commandments, these things cannot get a pass or a slap on the wrist.  Otherwise, they will continue.  You don’t turn the other cheek when a child is trafficked.  The blending and confusion and denial of the fact that there have to be severe consequences when things have stepped outside of the laws and structures that created western civilization has created a lukewarm attitude towards transgressions that permits them to continue and worsen.  The lukewarm attitude will undermine the foundations of western civilization.
  7. If the cause of Christ has not advanced, is it because those who had gifts and resources refused to use their gifts, refused to operate in their place of the body of Christ, or refused to give tithes and offerings.  The body of Christ, and ultimately society overall, suffers for the lack of those parts of the body that would/will not function as God created them to function and give.  “Ye are not your own. (I Corinthians 6:19)”  Along with that, some parts of the body of Christ try to be something they are not.  There are some people who are called to gifts of administrations and leadership.  There are others who are called to help the vision of the leader.  God rewards those who are obedient to the call God gives the individual, not for trying to take the place of another.

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