discussions with his wife

How Can You Believe?

The Chosen - Nicodemus and Jesus

The Chosen press photos (press.thechosen.tv), CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

About  Minute 10:15 in this prior posted video linked below, the interviewer asks these questions.

I’m curious why all these scholars agree with the minimum facts, what is it that stops them from committing their life to the truth?  Actual evidence is not enough?

Gary Habermas gives the best answer he has to that question.

Repost: Gary Habermas: The Minimal Facts Approach to the Resurrection

If you have watched The Chosen, this question stream is touched on in the portrayal of Nicodemus: in his discussions with his wife, in his relationship with peers, students, and others, there is the portrayal of Nicodemus and his growing awareness.

And so as not to spoil it, I won’t say anything else, other than, watch The Chosen.


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