fringe events

What is ‘on the fringe”?


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We talk of a fringe event…something on the edges…not on the mainstream of society.

Those in the midst of society, in the bustle of the world, consider fringe events to be unnecessary or unimportant to the world within which they live.

But it is fringe events that have the potential to change the world.

Therefore, fringe events are of extreme importance, for good or for evil.

The birth of Jesus, in a manger, might be considered by some to be a fringe event.

Wokeness, in its primacy stages, was considered a fringe event.

Fringe events are the manifestation of the intersection of the spiritual world with the natural.

Fringe events grow. If these are events sent by God, they can influence society for good.

If they are evil fringe events, if they are permitted to invade society, it can take a society down.


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