The Great Equalizer – Voting

One Voice – One Vote

It doesn’t matter what your call in life is otherwise, when it comes to voting, the playing field is equalized.

One Person. One Vote.

And while society may elevate certain people in sports, entertainment, and Hollywood, when it comes to one of the most important things in life…voting…the playing field is equal.

Especially in today’s world, where votes are manipulated through the use of algorithms and mules, each vote takes on even more significance.

When there is an overwhelming flood of votes, it makes it harder to cheat.  There was cheating, definitely, in 2020.  Trump won.  

Don’t stay home thinking that “my candidate will win anyway” or “my candidate is popular”.

Trump was popular and the election was stolen.

If you are new to voting, please consider voting Republican.   Don’t wear any defining clothing showing who you support, no t-shirts, no hats; you won’t be allowed to vote unless you change clothing.   This is a standard procedure at voting places.

Bring your ID to vote.

And as for the ID issue, people seem to manage an ID when they want to buy beer or cigarettes, or travel on planes, or sign their kids up for T-ball or sports.  How are people driving without an ID, a driver’s license?    And if people attempt to qualify for food stamps, or government services, they need to show ID to prove who they are.

Where you live, if you have a Republican running against an Independent, make sure that the Independent is not a RINO or a Democrat.  Stick with the MAGA Republicans, vote especially for the MAGA Republicans, but vote Republican.

This is how they try to keep Republicans out…by splitting votes by having multiple candidates or by running as something else, and that “something else” ends up being a Democrat.

The people that are destroying the nation will say what you want to hear and then when they get in power, they do what they want. Remember how they talked about “meanie” Trump and how bad he was? But who has really destroyed the nation?  How quickly did it happen?

This is not politics as usual.

Republicans are not perfect. But they are not pushing things like abortion and transgenderism and defunding the police. We need people who will bring back oil, energy, the economy, the rule of law, stand for the family, the Constitution, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the Second Amendment.

Some of them haven’t gotten it right. I know that. But, they are still better (overall) than the Democrats. Vote Republican if your conscience allows you to do it.


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