There is a problem running the world by AIs

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I don’t know about you, but I see AI-related information or emails or ads fairly often.

Just this morning I received an email that an AI can research and write and publish.

I know how AI software works. AI software only pull information from previously published material and then reworks it, rewrites it, and publishes it.   What if that material has an error?  What if there is no human to vet the errors according to facts and correct the errors?

What then?

You might end up with a plandemic.

GIGO = Garbage In, Garbage Out

Then, as I was doing some work, an unrequested ad come up, as ads do.  In this ad a human took a test with some kind of device, and then that same AI-powered device recommended that the human go out and get some fresh air.

What, the human can’t think for himself? He can’t follow the leading of the Lord for himself? He can’t hear the voice of God, but only the voice of an AI?

There is a problem running the world by AIs.

The thought of running a world by AIs can only exist in a world that has been cut off from God.

One of the most significant meetings in history was when Aaron went and met Moses in the wilderness.

Personally, I believe that that meeting is understated and underreported. You have to think about it for a moment to realize how remarkable it was.   There can be a blase, jaded, weary attitude to things seen on the internet as we glance over the latest “trending” or “meme” with a “been there, done that”, “next” attitude and miss the significance of what has been said.

Moses and Aaron had been separated for 40 years. Moses had been living in Midian as a shepherd. The Lord God appreared to Moses in a burning bush and told Moses to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt.

Then all of a sudden, they meet.  One day, out of the blue, Aaron hears God telling him to go meet Moses.  Aaron had to have had a pattern of daily paying attention to the Lord to not miss the message.

Exodus 4:27 (ISV) The LORD told Aaron, “Go meet Moses in the desert.” So Aaron went, found him at the mountain of God, and embraced him.


What if either Moses or Aaron had been instead paying attention to and listening to an AI telling them to go for a walk to get some fresh air, or go to the gym to lift some weights, or to go shopping or to the latest movie?   What if the pattern of Moses and/or Aaron was to listen to an AI rather than the voice of God?

What then?

Fortunately, AIs did not exist then.  However, they do exist today and we need to beware of the dangers they pose.



Two day after publishing the above, I saw this article.

It is so important to realize that the whole object of the AI movement is instigated by satan whose ultimate end is the lake of fire.

Evil inventions are not sponsored by the Lord God.

AIs do not have souls.  AIs are technology.  They are machines.

But satan wants to engineer an AI human construct, a cyborg, to permit the invasion of such by demons to avoid being cast into the lake of fire.  If the man of Gadarenes could have a legion of demons then what about a cyborg?

This concept is totally demonic.

It is not “cute” or “trendy”.  It is very, very evil.

God sent the Flood because fallen angels cohabited with human women and brought forth giants.  You can read about it in Genesis.  The earth had to be destroyed due to genetic manipulation.  The human gene pool had been polluted.  Noah’s gene pool had not been polluted with the seed of fallen angels.  This is why God called him to build the Ark to save him, his family, and the gene pool.

That same trend is appearing again.  It is evil.

God brought forth creation “after its kind” and also said not to “mix seed”.

So that means, among other things, no cyborgs, and also, no other forms of genetic manipulation.  There are other forms of genetic manipulation that go on in laboratories.  It is evil.



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