Why Did Jesus Die for Our Sins?

Jesus on the cross

This is an attempt to give a simple explanation for the question, “Why did Jesus die for our sins?”

God created the world.

God created Adam and Eve.

Everything was perfect until Eve, and then also Adam were deceived into disobeying God.

Fellowship with God was broken.

Legally, a price had to be paid for sin.

Jesus came from heaven to pay for the crime against God. He was willing to pay the price so that man’s fellowship with God could be restored, for anyone who would believe, repent, and receive Jesus and what Jesus did at the cross, also called, Calvary.

Think about jurisdiction.

If a crime is committed in New York, it is not tried in California.

Likewise, since the crime of sin happened on earth, it had to be legally resolved on earth.

God’s universe is orderly and so solving the problem of sin was done in an orderly manner.

There is a court in heaven, the mercy seat in heaven, and this was an actual legal remedy, to use our legal terms of understanding, that Jesus did.

Sometimes it is hard to explain Bible things in Bible language if a person is not familiar with that terminology, but if we try to understand them in legal terms we use nowadays, it can make it more understandable.  Jesus dying on the cross was God’s remedy for sin.

God loved mankind and wanted fellowship restored. That is why Jesus came.

God could have left man with broken fellowship forever, but in his love, he made a way for people to restore relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

You can read more about what Jesus did here.

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