Why the World Cannot Be in One Accord Without Christ


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Progressives try to present themselves as tolerant of everyone…that is, unless you do not think like they do.

Progressives start from a premise that their opionion is right.  But is it?  How do we know?

To understand any problem you have to go to the root cause.

The root cause of any problem is Who is God?  If you will follow out all problems, at their root is the question of Who is God, who set up  the universe, how was it set up, why was it set up…all questions will basically come back to revolve around Who is God and who has the last word in anyone’s life or on any topic.

Take any social topic, for example, abortion.

A progressive has an opinion that it is okay to kill a baby.

Pro Lifers say no.

Which is right?

Who decides?

Who is God?

Is the Creator of the heavens and earth God in a person’s life?

If so, then He has the final say.

What does the Lord God say?

Be fruitful and multiply.

Killing babies is not being fruitful.

You can take any topic and if you want to finally resolve it, it has to be resolved under the banner of,

The Lord, He is God

What God says is the final Word.

The Bible is God’s Word to mankind.

Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.

The Bible did not progress from one opinion on morality in the Old Testament to a different opinion on morality in the New Testament.

Moral law did not change.

How sin was dealt with changed after Jesus…sin is no longer dealt with by bringing sheep and goats and sacrifices to the temple.  Jesus is the last Lamb slain before the foundation of the world.  Receiving the finished work of Jesus Christ and being born again is the way to deal with sin since the cross of Christ.

But moral law did not change.

Be fruitful and multiply was an initial commandment to mankind.  God created them male and female and commanded them to be fruitful and multiply.  That has never gone away.

So if in a modernistic, secular, atheistic, progressive, communist society, you are told that things are different, and you are given ideas that do not conform with God’s original creation,  and God’s original commands at creation, you are face with a choice.

What is true?

Who is the true God?

Whose purposes are to be followed?

If you are told (God forbid) that two women can marry, or two men can marry, or that a man can have a baby, was that in the original creation in Genesis?  Yes or No?

It’s pretty simple if you know your Bible.

Now there are those who would say, how do we know the Bible is correct?  That topic come under the heading of Apologetics, a huge topic in itself and way beyond the scope of one blog post.  Suffice it to say that there were numerous prophecies about Jesus, Jesus fulfilled them in his life and death, and Jesus resurrected.  This is historical fact.  If someone comes to earth, says he is the Son of God, says that He will die and resurrect, and then does it, listen to him.  No other religious leader in history ever did that but Jesus.

To put it in simple terms if you wonder if a recipe is correct, because it was written down generations ago,  generation after generation and handed down from one great grandmother and beyond, to grandmother to mother and then to you, if you try the recipe, if you follow the recipe as written, and you bake the cake, and it turns out successfully, then you can pretty well figure that the recipe was passed down correctly generation after generation.  The whole of Apologetics, in whatever form it takes, shows how the Bible was passed down accurately and is historically true.  Recommended reading is The Case For Christ by Lee Stroebel (who used to be an atheist investigative reporter)  and which is probably available through your local library or certainly through a bookstore.

Go back to basics.

The desperation of this world, this generation, is that the voice of Jesus has been so lost, so drowned out in modernism, that people do not even know that Jesus and the Bible exist, and that there actually is a real blueprint, a “recipe” if you will, for life and for understanding life.  The world is lost not knowing what direction to take.

Every type of profession goes back to basics.  People have refresher courses.  Sports teams cover the basics.  Everyone (if they want to improve) perfects and practises the basics.

To do anything well, you get better at the basics.

The basics are, God created Adam and Eve, male and female.  He said be fruitful and multiply.

Any modernistic idea that is contrary to the simple truth of Genesis is ultimately an error of some kind.

Why would people in the world want to change God’s order?

It’s pretty simple.

Again, go back to the Bible.

There are two gods: the god of this world, satan/mammon, and the Lord God.

Jesus actually destroyed the power of satan at the cross, but that “win” must be enforced by the church.  That’s another topic for another day.

For this post, the question is,  why would people  of the world want to change God’s order?

Why would corporations be pro-homosexuality, pro-LGBTQ, pro-abortion and pro-anything that is anti-child and anti-family?  Well, for one thing they don’t have to give time off for “nuisance” things like school events, employees juggling children getting out of school early, or employees coming late to work because they had to take the children to school, pregnancy leave and things like that.   They don’t have to deal with employees that are good workers but might not want to go up the managerial ladder because they put their family and children first.   It’s cheaper for corporations to be anti-family and pro-ideas that are ultimately anti-family.   It’s a bottom line thing.  In the long-term view of the corporation’s bottom line, it’s cheaper to fly an employee to a pro-abortion state for an abortion than risk that that same employee ultimately put family over the corporation.

Why would some medical doctors and psychologists want to get in on the LGBTQ train ride?  Well, there’s money in operations and drugs and long-term money in dealing with the mental anguish and psychological disturbance of trying to change God’s creation.  Maybe some of those  doctors and psychologists/psychiatrists couldn’t make too much money other ways and decided this was a good niche to specialize in.

Why do some male athletes want to identify as female athletes?  They probably could not win competing against males, but if they identify as a female, the natural male hormones in male atheletes, even if those male athletes are not that outstanding as athletes otherwise, will give them an edge over female athletes.   Atheletes that win competitions get honor, money, promotions, maybe shots at TV ads or brands and the money that comes with that. They can make money.

Why would young people want to get on the LGBTQ train ride?  There are a number of reasons and they all have to do with some kind of exploitation of the young.  Or, the young, not knowing that God has a purpose for their lives and that they have an identity in Christ, seek for a mistaken identity in the world.

Why do employees want to identify as LGBTQ?  Well, for one thing, because there are fair labor laws, and because companies would be in danger of lawsuits otherwise, if someone identifies as a “whatever” they can then say that “you have to promote me” because “I am a ‘whatever'” and “regardless of my skills or abilities”, “you need to be ‘fair'” or “I will create a lawsuit”.  And corporations bow.  And sometimes corporations get pressure from the top down, from the globalists, but again, the end is the same, mammon, money, a monetary or power/money agenda.

There are probably other applications you have seen, but there is always a reason for perversion of God’s original creation and it has to do with the worship of mammon.

Look at the above examples, briefly reviewed below.

  • Corporations’ bottom lines…mammon
  • Medical procedures…mammon
  • Athletes changing gender to win awards, money, and opportunity…mammon
  • Perverting children…sex trafficking…bribes…payoffs…blackmailing politicians with pedophilia…mammon
  • Corporate strangleholds over family ties…mammon

But corporations are not going to explain this to you.  The media, which is kept afloat by advertising by these corporations is not going to tell you this.  It all has to do with mammon.  Jesus said you cannot serve God and mammon.

How does someone avoid getting on the wrong train in life?

There is no other way than being born again and growing the Lord, reading the Bible, praying, getting to know God’s voice, going to church, denying the flesh.  It is the only protection against the evils of this present world.

Once you accept that God has never changed his moral world, and in that moral world God created them male and female and told them to be fruitful, it is actually quite peaceful.  Jesus said my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

You don’t have to struggle to figure out if you have a “fluid” gender.  You are what God created you to be.

You can figure out God’s purpose for yourself starting there.

Be born again.  Read the Bible.  Go to a Bible-based church.  Focus on what God says, live that, and your life will be easier.

There will always be problems and challenges, but you will know or can learn the right way to handle them.

And so many of the problems will simply go away because based on the Bible, you will know, or can learn in a Bible-based way,  how to deal with them.

So many people have anxiety about things that could be quickly settled if they believe in Jesus, are born again, and grow in the Lord.  So many problems are self-inflicted because the world, the flesh, and the devil are there to tell people to live a way contrary to the Bible.  If people settle on the Words of Jesus, it sorts out a lot of the mess in their lives and the path of the just is as a shining light that shines brighter and brighter to the full day.  Following the Bible will eliminate and prevent a lot of problems that many people deal with.

It comes down to faith and obedience.

Back to the original question.

This is why the world cannot be in one accord without Christ.  Without recognizing the supremacy of God and his Word, there can never be one standard.

The standard is Christ.  The standard is the Word of God.

If everyone aims at that daily, that is the way to create a world in one accord, following the basic purposes of God that God lays down equally for his created children.

Step one.  Be born again.  Move from being a created child of God to a child born of the Spirit of God.


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