encroach like spreading weeds

Words Have Meanings, Traditional Meanings




Words have meanings and organically develop those meanings historically.  The left, the destructive element in society, seeks to change those meanings and turn them on their heads.  In doing so, it is a subtle psychological war against western civilization that seems almost inperceptible, because “what is the harm in it” or “do be so fussy” or “you are too worried about details.”

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!


Take the word “build.”  It used to be used in relation to building a home, a school, a church, a building where people could be housed and protected from the elements, and where positive activities could occur, such as raising a family.  “Build” is a positive term.

Now it is used in conjuction with things like “build a better hot fudge sundae” or “build a better better burger.”  There is a good chance that whatever is being piled on in that “build” adds pounds and detracts from health.  In other words “build” is no longer a positive term.

It’s subtle but there are so many terms, so many shortcuts, so many digs at the English language, that together they help pave the way for AIs.  Of course, this is only one of the strategies, but things that tear down western civilization must countered so they don’t encroach like spreading weeds.  It is a duty to be a good steward over western civilization, in as much as we can within our own sphere of duty.

Why are writers supposed to write in short action sentences?  It makes it easier for AIs.  There is a lot that is laying the groundwork for AIs.  The degradation of English and reversal and changing of definitions is part of that.

Now a Yuval Noah Harari is “promoting the idea” that the Bible be rewritten by an AI.

The destruction of western civilization is in some ways related to the manipulation of definitions and concepts, turning them on their head and reversing the meanings.  Those who wish to destroy civilization work with a long-range view.  They are motivated and manipulated by satan.  For the short term, they hope for money, promotion, some kind of reward.  Generally, the lower levels are convinced that they are a part of something altruistic “for the greater good.”  The higher levels understand the strategy.

As a New Year’s resolution, I recommended using a dictionary, and any dictionary consulted should be one with traditional meanings.  If traditional meanings are not insisted upon, then in multiple generations children no longer know the true meaning of anything.  In the Old Testament, God said to teach children.  One of the successes of the Jewish people is that they rehearse the stories of God over and over every sabbath and through the feasts, so the children, and future adults, don’t forget them.



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