Bible Version

Which Bible version is used on this site?  Often, it is one listed as a public domain version.

The problem with using Bible versions on the internet is that there are copyright laws that may apply in one country, but not in another.  Or perhaps,  in some cases, these laws may apply worldwide.   The only solution is to use a public domain version.

An additional problem with giving credit to this particular version is that while the version itself is not copyrighted, the name is.  Therefore, to give credit in each post would  pose a problem because the name would be mentioned on each post.  This page is the solution to that problem and gives blanket credit to this version.

A link only to this public domain version is given here.  Since there  has to be a link to an actual verse, John 3:16 had been chosen.  The name is not mentioned, but credit is given.

This version is the one primarily used on this site.*


I’ve had to revisit this page and add to it. Certain translations I find unsatisfactory due to translation usage of the word “the Lord”.

One translation that is copyright free uses “Yahweh” for “the Lord” in the Old Testament.  I much prefer Lord as the word used,  so sometimes I use the KJV (King James Version) as it does translate Lord.

I am  not always consistent indicating (KJV).

If there are “thees” and “thous” it is probably KJV.

Here is more information on copyright questions and translations from the Bible Gateway site.


Regarding images.

Some of the images I use are in the public domain.  Some are not, I pay for them.  To protect yourself, don’t take any images off of this site.  Purchase the images that you need from a reputable source.  There are various sources out there and you can search for something suitable for your image needs.

*I now also use KJV.