tainted with sin

Did Jesus Ever Marry?

Did Jesus ever marry? The short answer is “No”.

The longer answer will explain why it was impossible for Jesus to marry when He was on earth.

Jesus is the spotless Lamb of God. He is without sin. He was without sin when He walked the earth. He died for the sins of mankind.

If Jesus had been tainted with any sin, He could not have died for the sins of mankind.

The Bible says in marriage, a man and woman become one. Therefore, if Jesus had married, he would have become one with a sinner woman. He then could not have died for the sins of mankind.

All other people are sinners, so it would not have matter which woman, all are sinners, so any woman before Christ is a sinner. Until a person is born again, he is a sinner before God. Even what the world considers as the “best” person is still a sinner compared to God.

It was impossible for Jesus to have been married, because he successfully fulfilled his mission and rose from the dead. He would not have risen from the dead if he had been tainted with sin.

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