Why Suffering?

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Stepping back, looking objectively at the United States overall, based on what is spewed out day by day in the media, it would be not unreasonable to say that the United States is an apostate nation.

As such, having overall rejected God and God’s principles and morals, it should not be surprising that there is judgement.

And while the progressives like to talk about the separation of church and state, there should never be a separation of state and morals, or state and righteous character.

We see the consequences in abundance.

  • murderers and thieves let out of prison to enact more crimes
  • false accusations that attempt a convoluted legal manipulation of state and federal laws to concoct somethere whereby to indict political opposition
  • the unjust imprisonment of individuals who sought to exercise their Constitutional rights
  • the manipulation of the story line by the federal government
  • the theft of wealth through unjust monetary policy
  • lies and propagada
  • pedophilia
  • transgenderism
  • continued push for abortion
  • manipulated news in order to bring about a certain agenda
  • using other nations as proxies which results in great suffering to those nations
  • degeneration of education
  • murder through agencies that are supposed to preserve health
  • and more

Unless those of higher moral character, interested in the preservation of the rule of law, are willing to get into government and help turn the tide,  there there is little hope for change if secular, atheistic, progressive, modernist, globalists run nations.

Jesus said, “Occupy till I come.” (Luke 19:13b)

Moving from the national to the personal, suffering can cause people to turn to God with a greater depth of determination.

Jonah was running from God and hit a low point.  He was suffering.  Then he said this:

Jonah 2:7 When my soul fainted within me I remembered the LORD: and my prayer came in unto thee, into thine holy temple.


From the Book of Psalms:

Psalm 61:2 From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Psalm 18:6 In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.

Psalm 31:22 For I said in my haste, I am cut off from before thine eyes: nevertheless thou heardest the voice of my supplications when I cried unto thee.


Suffering can cause a seeking of the Lord which can result in course corrections.

A blog post can only introduce a topic but not cover it in depth. For more study on various topics, click here for links to various Christian ministries.

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