Can I Say the “S” Word – Don’t Be Stupid?

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I had a kid tell me once that his mom said not to use the word “stupid”.   However, in my defense, I saw the word  used in a commentary once, in the footnotes, in a commentary written by highly educated people.  So perhaps an occasional, judicious use of the word is okay.   Just as a  side note, I was told by one of the kid’s siblings that the kid’s mom voted for Biden.   So maybe that mom is not the best arbitrator of when to use the word “stupid”.

If you haven’t yet figured out that the jabs are not good for you, then you need to go to them that sell the information and figure it out for yourself.  I think that Robert Kennedy, Jr., wrote a book with extensive footnotes and there is plenty of other information out there.

My advice?  Don’t take the jab unless you want to possibly become sick, die, or become infertile.

Yes, there were some saline shots only mixed in with the rest of the toxic jabs, some people were lucky,  but don’t count on playing covid vax roulette and coming out on the other side okay.

I’m a bit weary of sounding the alarm, as you might sense.  It’s tough to watch people who still seem to be ignorant, walking around with masks that do nothing to keep one healthy,  and especially  to watch those who jab their children who will ultimately almost certainly suffer or die.   Just ask some parents who have already lost their children.

You don’t have to be ignorant.

It’s your choice.

You’ve been warned.

And if you really are not convinced, click here for currently over 500 articles on the dangers of the jab.

This was a plandemic for population reduction, run by satanists who pose as globalists in suits and ties.

Figure it out or die.

Church of COVID: Washington, DC pushing “Faith in Vaccines” program to inject churchgoers with clot shots

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