the myth of evolution

The Myth of Evolution

Evolution des Wirbeltierauges

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There are those who say they don’t believe in God because they consider themselves to be too enlightened, too scientifically-minded, to believe in what they call an ancient myth.

The real myth is the myth of evolution.  Impossible.  The intricacy of how the body works, the difficulties of moving from one type of body to another…a fish to a reptile to a mammal to man, it is so illogical on its face that it is incredible that otherwise intelligent people can believe it.  Or are they as intelligent as they say?  Look at the leaders of the United States.  You would think that they would be the cream of the crop.  I’ll let you decide.  But they are the people running the educational system.

God warns against mixing species.

Leviticus 19:19 Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee.


There is good reason not to mix species.  Think of all the recent plagues.  Where did they originate?  They originated by splicing and dicing and combining things that should not have been combined and would not have been combined except that men combined them in their biowarfare labs.

There are diseases in the past with names that indicate that they came from another species:  bird flu, avian flu, pig flu, bat influenza.  Did any of these mixing of something from another species with people cause some kind of an advanced evolutionary change that was positive?  No.  And sometimes people, pets, or livestock got sick and die.  Sometimes massize numbers got sick and died.  Yet those running the educational system want  us to believe that man started as a protozoa and evolved to what he is today.


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Why is the idea of evolution so important to corrupt political leaders?  If there is no God that created the world, then corrupt criminals and politicians want to fill that spot, and create a globalist world that they run.  By advancing to the ruling seats of society through murder, assassination, lies, and other means, they create economic and political and judicial systems that send the money, power, and wealth to themselves.  Wealth is laundered through wars and other means such as economic crashes they engineer so that they can buy up assets for pennies on the dollar.  The peons and lemmings experience suffering, sickness, starvation, and death  This scenario has played out over and over throughout history and is playing out again.  History repeats because there are causes and effects that repeat.  If you put a pot of water on a stove today, and heat it, at a certain point it will boil.  If you had put a pot of water over a wood fire 300 years ago and had heated it, it would have boil.  History repeats.  Laws are immutable within the system they operate.  The world needs redemption.

Jesus came to redeem this world.  Jesus entered the womb of a virgin, Mary.  He was born, lived, taught, healed, was unfairly judged, and died on a cross, his blood was shed, for the salvation of mankind.  Then Jesus resurrected.  Jesus did what no other religious or secular leader has ever done.   Jesus was killed on the cross.  He did not just swoon and then revive.  The work of Roman soldiers was to make sure that the people they killed were truly dead.  If you haven’t watched Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, you should.  Then decide if Jesus swooned.

Another lie that is circulated at Easter is that the disciples stole the body.  The soldiers  who guarded the tomb would be killed for the price of failure.  Here is something from the Babylon Bee.

If Jesus’ Resurrection Were A Hoax

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