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This was originally scheduled to post on voting day, November 8, 2022.

However, it is being posted early so that you can prepare yourself properly.


Vote for the change you want to see.

The bottom line question…do you want open borders, drugs flooding in over open borders, crime, transgenderism and globalism?   Do you want an end to the United States?

If your answer is no, then…

Vote against those that support those agendas.

Don’t be deceived by propaganda paid for by Democrats.  The money is pouring in and the lies are abundant.  Look at your lives.  Are you better off?  Don’t vote for more of the same.

If you are in Pennsylvania, don’t vote for the cyborg candidate.

Do vote for Dr. Oz for Pennsylvania Senate


Do not stay home.

It takes an overwhelming flood of votes to overcome the rigged elections and break the algorithms that they manipulate.  Don’t make any assumptions.

Vote like your future depends on it.

Because it does.

And if you don’t care about your future, at least care for the future of your children, grandchildren and beyond.  Care for the future of your neighbors.




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