He That Hath Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear

high diving

Because various people come to this site from various searches, here is a link to more information about current affairs.   This is for those of you who want dive deeper.  Save the link | site if it interests  you, as it probably won’t be repeated, at least often.

There are those who , “make things happen, watch things happen, or say, ‘What happened?'”.

If you dive deeper you can move from group #3 to group #1.  The more you know, the less you can be deceived by those who are trying to take over society.  “My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge.”

Minimally, you can learn some things to pray about, but perhaps the Lord would have you do more and engage more in some way.

A blog post can only introduce a topic, but not cover it in depth. For more study on various topics, click here for links to Christian bookstores and other Christian sites.

The link above will take you to links to sites that teach on faith, prayer, confession, healing and more. They have church services, podcasts, bookstores, and further resources and teaching.
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