“Historical Facts About the Resurrection”

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Sometimes information comes across the search pathway that would be of interest to readers, and this is that.

Historical Facts About the Resurrection

There is a certain “trendy” cynicism in modern society the says “if you are not the expert yourself, then you don’t know anything”.   It may be “trendy” to be cynical on Facebook or Twitter or elsewhere, but it is an incorrect position to sneer at someone saying that a person is not an expert, and by implication, to then imply that that “non-expert” person cannot share information from experts.   That implication is incorrect.

It would mean that you must be an expert in every topic to share information, and that would be impossible for any human being.

I may not be an expert in a topic, but if someone else is, you can listen to that person and I can introduce that expert to you.   This “trendy” cynicism is an attempt to intimidate people by atheists, modernists, secularists, communists, and ultimately satan himself.

It is all right to quote experts, in context, even if you are not an expert.  If you make a chocolate cake from a recipe, should you be sneered at because you followed someone else’s cooking expertise?

Should you be sneered at if you are not a five star chef yourself?

Similarly, it is acceptable to point to the experts, even if you are not an expert. Do not be intimidated by those who say you are not an expert. You don’t have to be an expert to quote one or to point to one or to refer to one or to buy a book by an expert and give that book written by an expert to someone else.

I don’t claim to be an expert in apologetics.

This interview is a very professional interview with Dr. Gary Habermas. The interview comes from the John Ankerberg Show.  So, if it does not offend you that I am not an expert, but am turning you over to an expert, you can learn something here if you lay down your pride.

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