The Problem With an Occasional Visit to Church


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Like anything, going to church needs to be a consistent habit, not an occasional visit.

It’s no different than a membership at a gym.  If you have a membership at a gym, and only visit once a month, you are not going to get very far.

If a person “pops in” to church occasionally, and hears one message, or maybe only a few messages, that person might get a confused idea about God and not relate to God properly.  The Bible said that Moses knew the ways of God.  Moses was successful because he knew the ways of God and obeyed.

What does it mean to know the “ways” of something?  You understand how it operates.  You understand that when a stove is red and you touch it you will get burned.  You understand that if you jump off of a high place (don’t do it), gravity will pull you down, maybe to your death.  You understand that when you see a stop sign, that you stop…if you don’t you might get into an accident.  We understand these things at the natural level.

But God also has “ways” of operating and these are not learned in an instant.  Like anything, it requires persistance, regularity, dedication and obedience.

In any subject, everything is not taught in one or two hours, or even in one day.  In math, for example, there is a logical progression of topic by topic, appropriate to the age level.  You don’t go from addition to algebra in one class.

When learning about God, when learning about Jesus, Christian books, Bible studies, or church preaching can cover only so much in any one period of time.

This is why it is necessary to be consisent.  The Bible says to forsake not the assembling of yourself together.

There needs to be regular Bible reading and study.

It is the only way to come to the knowledge of what it means to be born again, along with the rights and responsibilities in Christ.

If any part of a house’s foundation is missing, the house will not stand.

Besides learning, then things need to be put into practice.  The Bible calls it being a doer of the Word, and not a hearer only.

Suppose a person were given a plot of ground, gardening tools, a means to water, seeds, and everything required for the garden.  It would do the person absolutely no good unless that person actually did something with the tools, the seeds and the water.  The person would have to use the tools to prepare the ground, plant the seeds, continue to water and weed, and finally get a harvest.

You can hear Bible messages, but they need to put into practice for them to do any good.

If you do not have a good local church, while you are looking for one, the link below this post will lead you to more information on good online resources.

Currently, there is a camp meeting going on at  They will have recorded messages as well at

A blog post can only introduce a topic but not cover it in depth. For more study on various topics, click here for links to various Christian ministries.

Depending on the ministry, there may be online church services, YouTube videos, podcasts, radio programs, books, teaching, or more. You have to seek out what they have.
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