Watchman, What of the Night?

What is really going on?  You really need to listen to this.

And there are those who think will come first and none of this matters.  But remember, Jesus said no one knows the time.  So don’t presume that this won’t matter to you, your children, and your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren.

Here are some of the minute:second points.  They are approximate.  You need to listen to the whole video.

:32  US government signed an illegal treaty with Pfizer

1:12  satellite phone

2:20   story last night on Twitter, link to federal court, in mainstream news

2:46  secret agreement with Pfizer and the United Nations with billions of dollars of payoff money through Bill Gates down to small reporters, big reporters

3:32  puts Pfizer in control of the governments in response to Covid and all news and information

can treaties supercede the Constitution and Bill of Rights?  That is what globalists have been arguing

4:05  government has contracted secretly and to not let public know what is in a shot for 50 years

4:32  courts asked to seal what is in the documents

4:50  judge has said you have a contract with Homeland Security and FEMA

5:18  Trump says Pfizer has more power than governments, should be looked at

5:54  Pfizer has more power than the President

6:23  This is all we should be talking about

6:46   they want emergency laws for people who criticize lockdowns and forced injections

7:23  globalism is a project of getting traitors into local government

7:48  over 100+ year old project

8:00 Cecil Rhodes wrote books on this

8:14  locked in your house under a technocracy

8:45  FDA asks for 55 years before releasing Pfizer data, asked to grant total secrecy until 2076

9:22 Bill Gates gave to media outlets

9:43  media push deadly shots for children because they are owned

10:00  Pfizer has power to silence governments

10:20  Pfizer wants state assets

10:52  most important thing in your life, if you want to be free

This is not political.  This is the new type of war, globalism, their end game plan.

12:47  vaccines erase your immunity

13:32  Yes men have decided to follow orders, have decided to rationalize what they are doing

14:04  we’re all going to lose everything anyway if we don’t call out the heart of the matter

14:09  The United States government along with other governments signed an illegal treaty with Pfizer to put our countries into total receivorship to them in the emergency if they would give us the drug to save us….total censorship, total secrecy control, total secrecy of what’s in it, allowed to lie, allowed to put out fake info, allowed to censor anyone they want, allowed to arrest anyone they want, total global dictatorship

15:09  Trump is not authoritarian, he doesn’t have any power, the Left is like Mao, they are taking over, you are in danger….

15:31  need to pull out of these illegal treaties

15:40  you are all going to see what happens if we are unable to stop

16:16   This is real.

16:41  look around at your family

16:56   people can’t admit it to themselves

17:18  I have an eternal soul

17;50  faith without works is dead

18:03  God hates cowards

18:20  being trained by satan to be a slave

18:54  ask God for guidance, step into destiny

19:40  CDC in control of all rents, federal court said no, but still pushing for that

20:00 you are not allowed to sign a secret treaty

20:25   money is a weapon they use

20:35  permanent  martial law, permanent emergency

21:00 viruses coming out of the biowarfare labs (names them)

21:30  FDA wants 55  years to fully release data

22:24  takeover by bad people

22:34  some say surrender

22:50  like Poland in 1940 when Hitler suddenly invades

24:33  FDA asks for 55 years

24:49  Pfizer has power to silence governments

25:58  secret vaccine contracts with government

27:00  their people in government positions

27:26  illegal corporate treaty

28:04  secret vaccine contracts, Pfizer has the power to “silence governments”

29:11  new Covid pill partially based on Ivermectin

30:00 how tax exempt works

30:45  this is real, not comic book

31:49  illegal treaties

32:04  big pharma and big tech bought off Congress

32:33   wants global government to carry out depopulation

33:00 Rand Paul on Fauci’s disdain

36:00   reset wars will be launching, a course, many courses for alerts

37:10   Turboforce 10 hours clean energy



Repost: US Govt. Signed Secret Treaty with Pfizer- Worldwide Medical Extermination System Now Under Corporate Command

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