Cleaning Up Your Email Box – Tip


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If you are overwhelmed by email, here is a tip. You can get control of your email box.

Because people use different email servers, I won’t go through the instructions for each one.

I found this one for gmail by going to Youtube and the search term was “setting up gmail filters”.

Filter incoming emails. Send all the emails from one company, church, person, or group to a label on the side column, by setting up a filter. To set up a filter, find someone who has made a video about the process for your particular email server. One instructional video for gmail is listed above.

YouTube is a great resource for finding out how to do things.

The other thing you can do is set yourself a discipline of a certain number of unnecessary groups or companies you can unsubscribe from – say 5 to 10 a day, until you have gotten rid of all the unnecessary emails.

If you will implement these two tasks, you can take charge of your email.

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